About Me

My name is Naomi, I grew up in the north of England and currently live in Brighouse, a quaint town nearby Leeds city.  I have a wide range of interests but they all revolve around creative expression. So let’s talk about my latest obsessions – photography & videography.


The Medium of Video

I have been creating and editing video for over seven years, I enjoy every element of the process; imagining scenes, styling sets and telling stories. Like many with a passion for video I began curating content on YouTube where I document the daily happenings of my life. The platform has been a fantastic source of creative freedom that has allowed me to take on the trade of video editing and learning how to shoot to edit when it comes to film.


Passionate Photography

My obsession with photography began the moment I got my hands on my first DSLR. I began learning the fundamentals of photography and fell in love with capturing authentic moments through the medium of photography.

My goal whenever shooting for a client is to capture those real in-between moments that bring those special memories to life. I have always preferred a non-intrusive approach, especially for events and weddings. You tell the story, I illustrate it.

Currently I am freelancing my creative skills in West Yorkshire.  Whether you are looking for photography, videography or video editing. Click here to see my photography packaging guides & here to browse my galleries. Whenever you are ready to book a session fill out a form here.