Bullet Journal Setup November

So straight after Halloween I came down with some serious flu and since I hadn’t set up my bujo for the month of September, my life was a mess. So now that I’m starting to recover I thought I’d share my setup for the month. Even if it is almost mid way through November, I hope this will provide inspiration for your own bullet journal. I’m already feeling much more put together and organised with my journal all setup and ready to plan for Vlogmas next month! I took to pinterest again this month and decided to go with a winter woodland theme inspired by the geometric stag trend that was going around this year.

Cover Page

My cover page was inspired by Rozmakesplans and Planningroutine on Instagram. I meshed the “Hello November” title and the geometric stag together to create my cover for this month. I absolutely love how this turned out, it’s kind of got minamilist vibes to it. There’s also something inherently cosy about stags, they’ve got that log cabin in the mountains vibe about them. I’m super happy with the theme I chose, I think it’s a perfect theme to transition into winter with and understand why it made waves as a trend in homeware this year.


Monthly Calendar

I decided to continue with the monthly calendar page this month and I’m happy to report I didn’t mess up the calendar layout this time! I used the same “November” style header as on my cover page and decorated around the top of the calendar with a doodle of some snowy mountains and stars. Then on the bottom of the page I did some quick doodles of trees, I’m not entirely sure if I’m happy with the doodle style, I’m not a pro at drawing tees so I just went with quite a scribbly style to get the leaf effect. I think more of an outlined style rather than fully black would have meshed together better but overall I’m content with how the page turned out.


Monthly Spread

Last month I tried a new spread inspired by MyLifeinaBullet over on YouTube and I absolutely loved this spread, it was my most used spread of the month and really helped me keep my social media organized. I use my crayola pens and colour code each section with a specific colour and then just dot on the calendar whenever I’m going to post and put the details of the post in the little section page. This really helps me plan what videos I’m going to post at the beginning of the month, so I never waste any time worrying about not having any ideas.


My spending log is the same ol’ same ol’ this month. This is quite a functional page that works well for me, although I do find I never fill out the grid very much by the end of each month I do still fill out my wishlist and to-buy sections. I find them very useful as without it I’d find myself constantly placing orders and kicking myself when I remember the toothpaste or eye cream I forgot order. Plus when move out and have to worry about bills and monthly costs of living I’m sure the large grid will come in handy.


Habit Tracker

I completely forgot to start my Habit Tracker on the 9th of the month, so if that empty space is bugging you, don’t worry it’s bugging me too!  As usual I’m tracking when I sleep over seven hours, that I drink at least 1.7 litres of water per day, take my vitamins, meditate, read an affirmation, workout, shower, write and do a fifteen minute clean. Ideally I’d want to do these things daily but I like to treat my Habit Tracker as a form of self-care and as someone struggling with CFS, I don’t realistically expect myself to workout every day.

Journal Pages

I’m absolutely in love with my journal page this month, the little hanging stars are adorable. The feathers also fit my winter woodland theme and looking at this page just makes me happy. I made the same mistake of starting from the first of the month, but I’m happy to do a little extra journaling to catch up for the lines I missed being sick. I got this idea originally from MyLifeinaBullet who does four lines a day of journalling. Using my journal in the more classic style as with actual “dear diary” entries is really satisfying.



Brain Dump

For my brain dump page this month I kept it pretty minimalist and decided to do another quote page this month. I’ve started using my quote page as a sort of daily affirmation, just something I look at every day to encourage myself. So I drew a geometric stag head illustration and wrote out the quote “I am the author of my story” which may sound a little corny but I think it’s important to hold yourself accountable for the plot line that is your life.

Weekly Spread

For my weekly spread this month I changed this up from my usual horizontal line style of sectioning out my week.  I’m super happy with how this turned out, it’s kind of a more open plan layout. I’m in love with the little festive fairy light wreaths that I used to border the date. For a pop of colour I used my Tombow clear brush pen and a aburn red pen from my Crayola 50 pack to create a little gradient background for the days of the week.





I’m super happy with how this months setup turned out, I feel like my Bullet Journal is gradually glowing up. I remember being completely discouraged to start my journal at the beginning of this year because of all the aesthetically pleasing setup videos that were on YouTube but my journal really has been a creative outlet and useful tool for me in my life. Plus every month my setups just seem to get better and better looking. Don’t let comparing other journals discourage you from starting your own!