Bullet Journal Setup October

So this months setup is a little late but better late than never, right? I did a full video on my channel of my October plan with me, ended up completely forgetting to take photographs for my blog and got wrapped up in some Halloween video projects. But enough rambling, I thought I’d still take the time and effort to share my setup for October because it is proudest month in my Bullet Journal yet.  I took to Pinterest for Halloween inspiration and really put some effort into decorating and doodling on my spreads. As per usual you can find all of my supplies that I used this month at the bottom of this post as well as where my inspiration for my doodles came from.



Cover Page

For my cover page this month I was inspired by Lucie from Journal Sanctuary, I changed the doodles slightly and added some candy corn then created a water colour effect with my Tombow blender pen.  I absolutely adore this cover page it’s minimalist enough for me but with those pops of fall colours that I love so much. It was a nice change from the wreath style of cover page that I’ve done every month so far in my journal.


Calendar Spread

So this month I decided to do something I haven’t tried before, which is a calendar spread. This being the first time I’ve ever drawn a calendar… I messed up. But hey, everyone makes mistakes and I don’t think it takes away from how adorable this page is.  I will say though, I’m not sure how well the calendar will work out for me since I really don’t go outside or do much. So it might end up being a pretty empty calendar by the end of the month.



Monthly Log

For my monthly log this month I took inspiration from Cristina over at My Life in a Bullet and split my month into a smaller calendar for events and a page to plan out all of my Blog, Instagram and YouTube posts. I also added a section in the bottom right corner for my goals for the month of October.  I then did a cute little doodle of some pumpkins just to add a bit of character to the page.




My Habit Tracker this month is the same old but I added cute little pumpkins instead of smiley faces. I also decided to track showering and a 15 minute clean. I’m not afraid to admit when I get heavily into a project that I let showering get much lower on my priority list than it should be. The 15 minute clean is something I want to attempt daily but it will take some effort to get that going as a habit, I can be quite the slob which would be a surprise to most since I am like Monica from friends with hygiene and cleaning. At least that is, everywhere in my house except for my bedroom. My bedroom always ends up looking like a bomb hit it from the accumulated mess I leave every time I get ready.  So hopefully a 15 minute clean a day will help me keep on top of that.




My spending log is also the same this month with a section for things I need to buy and a wishlist of things I want. I also did orange instead of grey for the grid colours. As usual this will probably be a pretty empty spread by the end of the month because I don’t spend much. Such is the life of a broke ass bitch.




Since I had a spare page next to my brain dump spread I decided to do a little quote. Not sure who this is from but I’ve scrolled past it on Pinterest and it’s become one of my daily affirmations to remind my perfectionist self that I should be focusing on progress rather than perfection.  The little light bulb next to the title was actually a happy accident since I failed to line my text in the center of the box. I then did some small doodles of a hot chocolate and woolly hat in the corner just to make the page a little cosier.




I also took inspiration again from Christina to try out a monthly Journal spread that prompts me to write 4 lines a day. I used to keep a little brown leather book that I wrote one line a day to summarise the events of my day and It saddened me that I gradually used it less and less, so I thought this would be a great way to keep me accountable to write something every day. The doodles were inspired by Luce Murray over on pinterest, again I used my Tombow blender to really bring the page to life. I’m really happy with how this spread looks, it just feels super cosy to open this up and do a bit of journaling before bed.




For my weekly spreads this month I decided to keep the same basic layout as I’ve been using for the past 2 months now. It really works out great for me to create little bullets of what I want to accomplish each day, as there’s just not enough room in a calendar to put down all the small tasks that I want to get done. For the titling I copied the Mistle toe Font style and did the same style of doodles as on my other pages to bring the page to life.






So that’s my entire monthly setup for October! I absolutely loved putting in the extra time to decorate my spreads with fall / halloween themed doodles. It makes me just constantly have my journal open on my desk so I can admire it. I’d love to know which spread was your favourite and let me know how your setup went this month!