6 Affordable Fall Lipsticks

Fall is in full swing which means it’s time to whap out the berries, browns and burgundy lips. As a drugstore girl at heart I have quite the collection of affordable / drugstore fall lipsticks that I’m ready to rock this season, so I thought I’d show you my top 6 favourite affordable fall lippies. These are my go to colours that I grab most often and are by far my favorite drugstore formulas. I’ll be showing you both arm and lip swatches and (although I have porcelain pale skin) these lippies will be perfect for all skin tones as I tend to go for the bold dark colours in Autumn.

Swatches from Right to Left
LiveGlam Liquid Lip in Couture   https://liveglam.com/kissme?ref=Naomihallcro
Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip in Ravin Raisin   http://amzn.to/2wepH49
Maybelline Colour Sensational in Naked Brown   http://bit.ly/2gWpgcy
Colourpop Lippie Stix in Grunge   http://bit.ly/2eLDQiY
Colourpop Satin Lip in Toolips   http://bit.ly/2xbpPFp
Nyx Liquid Suede in Alien   http://bit.ly/2vSK1Nb

LiveGlam Couture is an amazing deep classic red. This is a matte long lasting formula and I mean long lasting, these suckers are hard to remove. I tend to find two coats helps make sure there’s no patchiness and a complete opaque colour all over the lips.  Liveglam is a subscription lip service, you get 3 liquid lips every month for £16.71 which works out a pretty affordable price per lippy especially for the quality. I’ve included my referral above so you can grab a free lippy with your first month if you want to try it out. I personally never thought I’d be into subscription makeup but I now own 10 liquid lips from Kiss Me and I’ve only disliked one lipstick I’ve received so far. So I’m pretty happy with them!


Wet N Wild Ravin Raisin is an amazing cool toned purple that makes me feel like a baddie. I cannot actually believe the pigmentation and creaminess of this lipstick. Considering it’s only a few pounds, hands down the entire Megalast range is my absolute favourite drugstore lipstick and the best quality you can get for the price.  It’s super hydrating so looks super smooth on the lips and doesn’t emphasise any dryness at all. If you haven’t tried these Wet N Wild lipsticks you should, they’re amazing.



Maybelline Naked Brown is an amazing burgundy plum. I don’t think it’s the most eloquent name for this colour, the packaging would make you think you were getting a medium toned cool brown but I’m not mad because this shade is a classic autumnal colour. The formula is also super creamy and pigemented, which can be hit or miss with some Maybelline shades where the colour is advertised as bold but comes out sheer.  The formula of Maybelline colour sensational is on point though. They’re super hydrating and comfortable to wear and look great on the lips.



Colourpop Grunge is one of my absolute favourite grungy lipsticks. This is the ultimate 90s grunge baby brown I think it’s an incredibly wearable colour, on very pale skin it does look more bold but there’s something classy about it. Colourpops classic lippie stix are my favourite lipstick formula, I think they compete with high end brands considering how insane the pigmentation and how creamy they glide on. Also if you haven’t tried their lippie pencils they are actually perfect so I’d highly recommend those. Colourpop overall just really slays the lip game and for £3.80 per lippy.



Colourpop Toolips is a gorgeous dark plum brown/black shade. The satin liquid lips are super comfortable, pigemented and creamy. They’re definitely my favourite type of liquid lip from Colourpop, the matte formula can be quite drying so if you don’t generally like liquid lips I’d recommened these because they’re very hydrating. This is a more bold vampy colour, maybe more Halloween appropriate but I like to wear it throughout fall.



Nyx Alien is your classic black liquid lip. The Nyx Suedes are super pigmented and look really great on the lips. They are a little more on the dry side and will start to fade away from the inner lip if you eat but I don’t really mind reapplying once or twice throughout my day. Black lips aren’t for everyone but I absolutely love wearing them, with a more neutral eye they can be more wearable and definitely make you feel like a badass. If you aren’t so brave this is an amazing go to for Halloween.

So those are my top 6 affordable drugstore lipsticks for fall. I also did a video live lip swatching my other faves for fall including lip liners! They are also all drugstore / affordable so I’ll pop that below if you care to watch. Honestly it seems like brands are upping their game and drugstore are really coming for those high end brands. I’d love to know your favourite lippies from the drugstore, my collection always has room to grow (heh) and I may or may not have a little bit of an addiction to lipsticks.

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