February Bullet Journal Setup + Inspiration for Success

Whether you are looking for a Valentine’s Day theme for your February 2018 Bullet Journal Setup, or spread ideas to help you start, I hope my setup this month offers you some inspiration. My theme for this month was self-love and self-growth, which just so happens to fit my intentions for this blog. I feel like my journey to self-growth and success is reflecting a lot in my how my spreads change and grow over-time, so I hope my setup helps you.  My setup this month became quite the labour of love. In the time between taking these photos and editing them for this post, I have been sat with my journal open just so I can admire it. I’m like a proud parent admiring the fruits of my labour. So fitting with the theme of this month, I’m absolutely in love with my February setup.



Cover Page

To represent the month of love and for me, the month of self-growth, I decided to take inspiration from a vector I saw on Pinterest of a light bulb with leaves contained inside it. The original piece had dots in-between the leaves, so I decided to replace those with hearts. I think it represents nicely the idea of self-love, which always starts in the thoughts we have about ourselves. I also think self-love is essential to personal development and growing yourself because compassion for the self is very necessary to grow. Most of the times in my life that I remember going through significant change and growing drastically didn’t come from my comfort zone. It came from deep self-reflection, or realising an uncomfortable fault in myself. It takes self-compassion to qualm the ego and accept ones one faults in order to change. Well… that all got quite deep for a picture of some leaves in a light bulb!



Monthly Calendar

Over time I have experimented with full size calendars, vertical layouts with every day of the month taking up a line and having both a full spread calendar and overview of the month at the same time. What I found out is that my life isn’t quite busy enough to fill an entire calendar, yet. So this month I decided to try a new minimalist approach to my monthly spread. I did one simple monthly overview, with some small boxes to put in important dates and my monthly goals. The small box for the goals is actually key, setting 1-3 intentions for your month and focusing down on specific things makes it easier to make leaps and bounds in a shorter period of time than if you wrote a long to-do list for every month.



Work Schedule

Next to my monthly overview I put sections to plan my working schedule throughout the month. Which makes it nice and easy to add coloured bullet points under each category and circle the corresponding date in the overview calendar on the page beside it, creating a nice visual overview of my work through the month.  So I have a section to plan out my YouTube videos for the month, to write down projects for clients and circle the due date for that project on my calendar and to write down my blog posts for this month.



Daily Affirmations

My inspiration for my daily affirmations spread came from Caitlyn’s Corner on YouTube. She setup a spread for 28 days of self love in February.  I firmly believe in positive self-affirmation to build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. These things being fundamental to not only loving yourself but attracting the love of others and succeeding in life overall. It sounds very extreme but the way in which you think about yourself is so powerful, it impacts everything from the minute decisions in life to how you respond to the tiny little things that happen to you each day. It could determine whether you see the glass of water and decide whether it is half full or empty, two people can be looking at the same quantity of water and what they see can be entirely different based on their perception. So perceiving yourself as capable, loveable and kickass has a massive impact on your life. So if you struggle with pessimism, self-love, self-confidence or any of that try out the challenge of writing something good about yourself everyday.



Bright Ideas

I took some more inspiration from Caitlyn and replaced what was once my “brain dump” page with a mind map of bright ideas. My previous spread to spill my thoughts onto went unfilled at the end of each month. Maybe I’d put a few ideas here and there but there was so much empty white space that made me feel the spread idea was being wasted. It sort of went in the name of the spread, it was a place to dump my thoughts, which didn’t sound all too attractive. So when I saw Caitlyns mind map of self-care musts I thought the layout of the mind map would be perfect to pop my thoughts on.




It’s all feeling new and fresh this month, even my spending log had a good revamp. Just like my brain dump page, my spending log went on very much unfilled apart from the small boxes I reserved for my shopping and wish list. So I decided to reorganise the spread a little to focus on my expenses, both outgoing and incoming. My life has recently taken a turn toward financial independence, I’ve had such a breakthrough that I hope to write blog posts to help others change their mindset on money. So this month I want to not only willingly receive and invite more money into my life but also happily spend that money. I’ve started to realise that my limited beliefs around money and it being so hard to obtain, paired with my reluctance to give it up when I have it has resulted in my lack of prosperity.  So I think that makes it important to track your out going and your incoming.



Habit Tracker

I said this month was the month of growth and so yet another spread that previously remained the same for most of last year changed. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it might just be the most detrimental quote to progress, that is if you take it and think that something unbroken should go untouched. We should all be constantly asking ourselves how we can improve on anything we do. So although my Habit Tracker is a spread that always gets filled to the brim and I’ve had great success with it, I decided to ask what I could improve upon this month. So I stripped back the things I tracked to the most important elements that I want to make sure I do every day and I also added a sleep tracker.  Previously I rated my mood between from a smiley face to a sad one each day, creating a good line graph of my overarching mood and how my habits impact it. So this month I decided to add a tracking value of 2-10 so that I can not only more accurately rate my mood but also track the hours I’ve slept each day. That way I can see if my sleep also impacts my mood or if any of my habits impact my sleeping hours.



Weekly Spread

For my weekly spread this month I took inspiration from Bujomanila on Instagram. I loved her weekly layout, she does adorable drawings of herbs. So I thought I could take my drawings of plants, that I copied from Colour Calm magazine and do the same style of weekly spread. I find my incentive to use my weekly spreads and stick to my daily to-do’s increases greatly when the spread is aesthetically pleasing to look at. If it’s aesthetically pleasing then I’ll already have it open proudly on my desk and if it’s open, I’m far more likely to use it.