Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup 2018

I finally got around to setting up my Bullet Journal for the year of 2018. Half way through January. It’s best to start later than never, so I thought I’d share my 2018 setup. I felt the need for a stripped down fresh start, so I went for a more minimalist layout.  I decided to get a new journal with the new year, I stuck with the same Staedtler but decided to go for a clean black. You can find all of my supplies linked at the bottom of this post.


2018 Cover Page

In an attempt to jazz up my cover page, I added a border, instantly regretted it and then tried to rectify everything with my Sharpie bronze pen. I used a Uniball Signo for the white dots to make it look like bolts in metalic framing. My quote of the year this year is “make it happen” because I plan to do just that this year. It’s been a short start with sudden sickness and big life plans swooping in but I’ve sat labouring over my plan  for this year and I’m truly excited to make it happen in 2018.

Future Log

I decided on a vertical layout for my future log this year to make for more writing room for my yearly events. This spread was inspired by alosthue on Instagram. It does take up 6 pages for the entire log but I really liked the clean and minimalist look. Now to make enough happen this year to fill these pages.


2018 Goals & Intentions

I used the same format as last year to set my goals intentions. I first found this method of setting goals on Boho Berry’s YouTube Channel and have stuck with it since. I sit down and begin noting down my intentions into different categories of my life; financial, personal, mental, relational and physical. I decide what the large goals are that I want, then I split them into actionable steps I can take toward those goals. So this year I have some big goals; to move out into my first home, to be more mindful


Goal Spreads

To help myself achieve my goals and visually track them throughout the year I made two goal spreads, one for my channel growth and the other for my savings. I created a cute little savings jar tracker, each dotted line signifies a month, when I save up 25% of whatever I earn I colour that section in and write over the ammount I saved. Then the lid of the jar is for the total at the end of the year. For my channel goals I did simple boxes signifying each milestone which I will colour in when I reach them. I set myself a pretty insane end milestone but I invite the challenge of reaching high without being disappointed if I don’t make it.


Films & Tv Shows

This year I decided to track things I’ve never tried tracking before, my TV series progress and the films that I watch. I accidentally wrote movies because I was looking at an american spread for inspiration, woops! Trips to the cinema are absolutely my favourite thing to do but for some reason last year, I rarely took the time to go. So I missed out on some big releases last year that I wanted to see. I thought in creating this spread I could arrange some movies nights every month and check off the films on my list as they go, as well as actually go to the cinema this year for the big releases I’m looking forward to. My TV series tracker is also an adorable idea and great for me, I’m always forgetting where I left off with a series and I end up never picking it back up again. So when I finish watching a season, I colour it in to track my progress through each show.


Seasonal Goals

My final spread of the year is a spread I do at the start of every season. This is another Boho Berry inspired spread.  I take a look at my yearly goals and decide to pick one or two goals that I want to work toward that season. A seasonal focus is a great way to really make things happen in a year, spreading yourself too thin is an easy way to stop yourself from getting anywhere. I’m actually considering changing this up a little bit for Spring but for now I split my tasks into something I want to finish, do, celebrate, study and start. As you can see all of these goals link directly back to my goals and intentions spread for this year.

So that is my finished setup for 2018. It’s interesting how even when I’ve grown exponentially that I’m still so critical of my current work. I was disappointed at my setup when I looked at it, I thought it could have been so much more aesthetically pleasing. Then I opened last years bullet journal to look at my setup for 2017 and my god, it was hideous compared to this. It’s easy to get caught up in scrolling through Instagram and thinking you’re “aesthetic goals” aren’t as good, so it’s always nice to compare yourself to your past you and see how far you’ve come. I’d love to know what your goals are for this year, what big things are you hoping to achieve?